Rhyde's blog: “So, what do you do?”

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“So, what do you do?”


“So, what do you do?”


So, what do you do?

We’ve established that electric scooters are eco-friendly, as long as they’re rideable. 

We’ve even learnt that they’re more eco-friendly the more you ride them. If you’d like a refresher, click here.   

How it works:   

At rhyde, we believe in transparency. Want to know what we actually do? Here’s the step-by-step.   

Step 1. We buy electric scooters.    

We need products to sell, right? Our ideology is circular. When we say we’re always on the look out for scooters, we’re talking about yours. Got one to sell to us? Fill out our ‘Sell’ form, Contact us at orders@rhyde.co.    

Sell your scooter to us

Step 2. We refurbish them to brand-new state.    

Say it with us, “premium”. At rhyde, our dedication to sustainability is only matched by our dedication to quality. Every scooter we purchase is restored to brand-new. We call it ‘vitalized’.   

Step 3. We conduct road-tests and quality-tests.   

The rhyde certificate. We live by it. Each scooter goes through a 10-point examination by qualified and passionate rhyde personnel. Trust us, we’re happy to have a go before you do. It’s for science, after all.    

Step 4. We make them available for purchase.   

Only when a scooter meets our in-house standards, we make it available to you for purchase. If you think different, you’re always backed up by our 6-month warranty. It’s the perfect cycle, it begins and ends with you.   

See refurbished Scooters

That’s it! Want to join the movement? Click here to browse our catalogue, now!  

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