Rhyde's blog: Understanding Spain’s Electric Scooter Regulations: Your Guide to Legal Riding Until 2027

Real Decreto emitido por la Dirección General de Tráfico en España

Understanding Spain’s Electric Scooter Regulations: Your Guide to Legal Riding Until 2027


Understanding Spain’s Electric Scooter Regulations: Your Guide to Legal Riding Until 2027


Understanding Spain’s Electric Scooter Regulations: Your Guide to Legal Riding Until 2027


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What is refurbished micro-mobility?


In recent years, the demand for electric scooters has surged, offering a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport. However, understanding the regulatory landscape, especially in Spain, is crucial for both buyers and sellers. At Rhyde, we prioritize transparency and compliance with Spain’s safety regulations to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. 

Non-homologated E-Scooters 

Available on Rhyde for the Next Years. At Rhyde, we acknowledge our diverse range of electric scooters, including non-homologated models, and affirm our commitment to continue offering these options in the coming year. This decision aligns with the fact that our scooters are refurbished, not new, thus falling within the scope of legal sales post the recent regulatory changes. 

Refurbished Scooters 

A Strategic Approach to Compliance Our selection of non-homologated scooters, being refurbished units, allows us to maintain sales beyond January 2023. These scooters have already seen usage on Spanish roads and meet the criteria for continued circulation. The best part? You can ride them until 2027 without worrying about additional paperwork.

The Real Decreto and Its Implications 

The Real Decreto, introduced by the Dirección General de Tráfico, outlines safety standards and technical requirements for electric scooters in Spain. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for legal usage on public roads. At Rhyde, our commitment lies in offering electric scooters that adhere to these Spanish safety standards. This means our scooters meet necessary safety and technical specifications mandated by the government, ensuring a safe and legal riding experience for our customers. 

Legally Usable Till 2027 without Documentation Hassles 

A significant concern for buyers is the usability of non-homologated scooters until 2027. Our scooters are legally usable until this timeline without any need for riders to carry additional documents. Whether navigating urban streets or exploring scenic routes, our scooters offer worry-free and legally sound rides without the hassle of paperwork. 


Variety of Scooter Models: Refurbished and Non-Homologated  

 In our diverse range of scooter models, we offer refurbished electric scooters meeting all safety standards and technical requirements stipulated by the Real Decreto.  

Regarding non-homologated scooters, they present no issues as they are refurbished and not new. Our commitment to compliance ensures these scooters are revamped to meet safety norms, providing buyers with legally sound options for their transportation needs.  

Our Assurance to Buyers  

 To reinforce confidence in our customers, we guarantee to repurchase every scooter sold by us before the 2027 deadline. This initiative not only emphasizes our dedication to compliance but also assures security and trust to our valued clientele.  

 Furthermore, we prioritize supporting and guiding our customers through every aspect of the Real Decreto. Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge and intends to assist clients in understanding the regulations’ nuances and implications.  We stand by our promise to accompany every customer, ensuring a clear understanding of the Real Decreto and its implications. 

In essence, at Rhyde, our aim is to provide legally compliant and worry-free riding experiences. We offer a diverse range of electric scooters, each meeting the required safety standards and regulations laid out by the Spanish authorities. Feel empowered to explore our selection, knowing that your chosen scooter complies with necessary safety standards and regulations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

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