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Xiaomi's second generation base model, the Xiaomi 1S, is fitted with a high safety lithium battery taking you up to 30km with one charge at 25 km/h, making this electric scooter the perfect option for your day-to-day!  


Key Specifications:

  • Industry standard 30km range; 5.5 hour charge time
  • 25km/h top speed with a 250W front wheel motor fitted with three power modes
  • Highest quality multi-functional dashboard 
  • Sturdy frame with 8.5-inch wheels with air-filled tyres for improved ride quality and comfort
  • Lightweight and portable with a weight of only 12.5kg
  • 100kg load limit
  • Simple 3-step folding for easy carrying and storage
  • Integration with the Xiaomi Mi companion app

    The all-rounder among the e-scooters! THE-URBAN #HMBRG by Walberg lets you rise above any uneven road surface with its 10 inch pneumatic tyres and takes you up to 30 km with its powerful 350 watt motor. The maximum speed is 25 km/h.

    Five driving modes give you full control of your velocity. High-quality disc brakes (120 mm on the front wheel and 140 mm on the rear wheel) ensure that you can brake safely and controlled in every situation. Beyond that, THE-URBAN #HMBRG cuts a fine figure: With a telescopic steering rod and foldable at the ends of the handlebar, and a weight of only 17 kg the e-scooter can be easily transported and stowed away.

    THE-URBAN is splash-resistant.


    The foldable Xiaomi M365 is the perfect entry model for anyone looking to vitalize the way they move across their city. With a top speed of 25km/h and a range of 30km, this intuitive and easy to learn electric scooter is one of the most popular models in the world for a reason. 


    Key Specifications:

    • Good 30km range, 5.5 hour charge time
    • 25km/h top speed, usable 250W front wheel motor, single mode operation
    • Strong frame with 8.5-inch wheels with air-filled tyres for improved ride quality
    • Lightweight and portable 12.5kg total weight
    • Industry standard 100kg load limit
    • Simple folding for easier carrying and storage
    • Integrates with the Xiaomi Mi companion app
    • No longer manufactured

    The Bongo Serie A Connected by Cecotec is the is the ideal partner for your daily travels. It's 700W motor ensures no degradation in performance when riding uphill, while it's 25km range and 8.5" puncture-proof tires keep you on the road for as long as necessary. 

     Key Specifications:

    • Electric scooter with a rated power of 350 W and a maximum power of 700 W, capable of overcoming slopes and moving around any surface.
    • Removable and interchangeable Panasonic battery that provides it with unlimited battery, from 25 km on.
    • 8.5” Tubeless tyres, stronger and with a burst-proof system.
    • 3 riding modes to adapt to any situation:  Eco mode for safe handling and battery saving. Comfort mode, the best performance combined with an optimum battery consumption.  Sport mode, reaches maximum power and up to 25 km/h on every type of surface. 
    • Maximum-safety triple brake system, with disc brake, electric bake and an extra manual rear brake. 
    • On-board computer that displays speed and battery. It also shows the electric scooter’s status and settings. 
    • Compact, easy folding Mazinger grip and mast system to reduce use of space and improve transportation and storage. 
    • Optimise your electric scooter’s battery by selecting cruise speed. 
    • Maximum charging time of 4-5 hours to have it ready for use at any moment.