Electric Scooters and the Environment - Here’s the breakdown.

Electric Scooters and the Environment - Here’s the breakdown.

April 29,2020


We know electric scooters are an eco-friendly mode of transportation, but the mass-manufacturing process may not be as much. Based off a study by North Carolina State University, here’s a breakdown of all the elements that make up the manufacturing process of a Xiaomi M365 and their Global Warming Potential (read “carbon emissions”). 

They might surprise you. 


The aluminum frame of your scooter keeps everything together, making your model easy to carry while ensuring its structurally sound. 

Global Warming Potential: 78.8kg of carbon equivalent (CO2eq)


Yes, the thing that powers your scooter.

Global Warming Potential: 45.0kg of carbon equivalent

Battery Recycled Content

As batteries contained recycled elements, they detract from the total carbon equivalent count. Learn more about recycling batteries here.

Global Warming Potential: -0.92kg of carbon equivalent


The heart of your scooter. 

Global Warming Potential: 11.0kg of carbon equivalent


Not everything cut out for your scooter makes it into the box. 

Global Warming Potential: 5.8kg of carbon equivalent


Plastics make up housing for the circuit boards, as well as screens and brake handles. 

Global Warming Potential: 4.4kg of carbon equivalent


Charges the battery - like a cell phone, but more fun. 

Global Warming Potential: 4.8kg of carbon equivalent

Circuit Board

Keeps all of your electronics in check.

Global Warming Potential: 9.3kg of carbon equivalent


For when the aluminium doesn’t cut it.

Global Warming Potential: 1.1kg of carbon equivalent


Makes up tires and cushions for your scooter’s joints. Keeps her comfy.

Global Warming Potential: 3.6kg of carbon equivalent


Just like you need water to function, so do factories. 

Global Warming Potential: .00025kg of carbon equivalent


All the elements that put your scooter together.

Global Warming Potential: 8.8kg of carbon equivalent


All the little bits you might forget about, they still add up.

Global Warming Potential: 6.4kg of carbon equivalent

Total: 178.08kg of carbon equivalent

To put that into context, a fully-grown tree offsets about 21kg of carbon dioxide a year. Offsetting the carbon put into the atmosphere by one scooter would require 9 TREES to filter. 

Through rhyde, you can offset that by buying a scooter that has been sustainably refurbished. 

And as an added bonus, for every scooter bought, we’ll plant one additional tree ourselves. 

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