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The smartGyro Speedway Pro is the ultimate electric scooter. Its powerful 15 Ah battery provides over 50-60km range and the scooter is powered by a 1200W motor with 5 driving modes, allowing you to ride uphill with no performance degradation. With four indicators and neon lighting, experience a truly Pro driving experience.


The Electric Scooter Pro 2 is Xiaomi's latest generation high-end model with a built-in 6-display control panel and a powerful motor and battery with a range of 45km, letting you enjoy unbeatable driving pleasure for longer than ever before.


The Electric Scooter M365 Pro is Xiaomi's high-end model with a built-in 6-display control panel and a powerful motor and battery, letting you enjoy unbeatable driving pleasure for up to 45km.


smartGyro's extremely powerful electric scooter, the SpeedWay, is a synonym for speed, resistance, and comfort. With a range of 45km, a potent 800W motor with 3 driving modes, 10" tyres, strong double-disc brake system, and double suspension make it the ideal electric scooter for beginners and aficionados alike. It's neon lighting and front and back indicators also make it one of the safest (and coolest) scooters out there! 



Why rhyde?

Because we believe that sustainability and affordability do not have to be mortal enemies. 
Because by choosing a rhyde scooter, you're directly offseting 9 mature trees worth of CO2.
Because you save 25-50% compared to a brand-new model.

You benefit.

  • Save money by choosing a refurbished product.

  • Enjoy a full 12-month warranty on your electric scooter.

  • Don't worry about quality with our 14-day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Want a new model? Trade yours in for 20% off on your next buy!

The planet benefits.

  • Prevent the production of brand new electric scooters.

  • Offset CO2 emissions equivalent to cutting down 9 whole trees!

  • Minimize toxic e-waste through purchasing refurbished goods.

  • Help the world reduce waste by embracing circularity.

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We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

Each rhyde scooter offsets 178 KG/CO2eq - the equivalent of adding nine fully grown trees to the planet for a whole year. Furthermore we offset the carbon emissions from our daily operations by planting trees in Madagascar. 



Trees planted since OCTOBER 2021

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