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Hashtag Vitalized


Hashtag Vitalized


Hashtag Vitalized

At rhyde, we’re all about vitalizing. What does that mean? Let us explain.    

It’s all about reinvigorating. It’s all about moving forward. And more importantly, it’s all about making things better.    

Basically, it’s an ideology that we follow and impress upon our customers as well. We apply it to our products, the way we do business, and our very lives themselves.    

Here’s the pitch. The scooters we sell are reconditioned to the highest level. We ensure this through a process that begins long before you click ‘Buy Now’ - through a network of sellers and buyers (such as yourselves), a strong team of knowledgeable and skilled repair experts, and an ironclad quality assurance procedure. Our products are more affordable, finished to a brand-new state and ship with satisfaction guarantees.    

So, rhyde vitalizes scooters. Shop our collection today.   But why sell a premium refurbished scooter? Sounds like a lot of work, right?   You’re right, it is. But it’s worth it.   

If you’re new to rhyde, you probably haven’t heard about #9trees. Using studies conducted by North Carolina State University, we’ve been able to calculate that mass manufacturing one Xiaomi M365 emits 178.08kg of carbon equivalent into the atmosphere, whereas a fully grown tree can only offset 21kg every year. This means it takes 9 fully grown trees to offset the carbon demanded by one scooter. When you buy from us instead, we offset these emissions.   

Rhyde believes in the circular economy. We’re all about closing the loop, paving the way for more jobs, higher affordability and offsetting.   

Let’s follow along this chain, how would a vitalized scooter vitalize you?    

Our products are high-quality, lightweight, easy to store, and affordable. They’re also environmentally-friendly and physical representations of the road towards carbon neutrality. Did we mention they move? Very well, in fact. And they’re fun. They’re so much fun.    

Hitting the gym today? Ditch the metro and hop on a rhyde, even better after leg-day.    

Early lecture tomorrow? Wake up rested without having to worry about rushing to public transport.    

Weekend? Explore your city on two wheels.   

The possibilities are endless! Now that you’ve read about #vitalized, begin your journey by shopping through our collection. Make sure you’re following us on social media and drop us a DM telling us how you vitalized your life, someone else’s, or your business. We’ll feature you for it too!

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