Spare Parts for Electric Scooters

If you have an electric scooter which needs to be fixed, we got you. We have all the spareparts you may need to do so. Having the spare part is not enough? Let us help you by fixing it. We are mocromobility professionals willing to help any rider in the market!

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Spare Parts for Electric Scooters


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Electric Scooters


Rhyde is a company specializing in refurbished electric scooters and e-bikes, not second-hand ones. They have a strong commitment to sustainability and quality, offering affordable and reliable options to customers. Their unique approach involves refurbishing used electric scooters and e-bikes to a condition comparable to new ones. This not only provides cost-effective products with a 1-year warranty but also significantly reduces e-waste and carbon emissions associated with manufacturing.

Rhyde's process begins with carefully selected used vehicles acquired from various sources in the city. They emphasize sustainability and environmental responsibility to minimize the carbon footprint in micromobility. Through a meticulous 47-step mechanical refurbishment process, all vehicles are restored to a like-new condition, setting Rhyde apart in the industry.

Their circular model positively impacts the environment by reducing e-waste and carbon emissions, resulting in cost savings for customers. Rhyde offers a diverse range of electric scooters suitable for kids and high-end options for adults, ensuring options for everyone.

With a one-year warranty and a hassle-free 14-day return policy, Rhyde prioritizes customer satisfaction. In summary, Rhyde is a front-runner in the micromobility market, providing cost-effective, high-quality, professionally refurbished electric scooters and e-bikes. They focus on sustainability, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility, making them an excellent choice for a sustainable and cost-effective micromobility investment.

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