Electric Scooter Speed Limiter (3,7 a 12v)


  • limitador de velocidad
  • limitador de velocidad

Speed Limiter (3,7 a 12v)

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Technical specifications:
-Speed ​​limiter with 433MHZ frequency
-Prepared for supply voltages of (3.7 to 12v), it can be connected to the 5v supply of the hall sensors or 3.3v of the bluetooth module, voltages available in most controllers so it does not need a voltage regulator for your installation.
-Maximum charge current: 1A (700mA maximum current is recommended in continuous work)
- Quiescent current: 4ma
-Size of the board without box: 34 x 14 x 7.4mm
- Case size: 39.5 x 20 x 10.5mm

Connection ways available:

-Port normally open (NO)
-Common Port (COM)
-Port normally closed (NC)
Operating modes: Push button, switch and signal with delay.
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