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The all-rounder among the e-scooters! THE-URBAN #HMBRG by Walberg lets you rise above any uneven road surface with its 10 inch pneumatic tyres and takes you up to 30 km with its powerful 350 watt motor. The maximum speed is 25 km/h.

Five driving modes give you full control of your velocity. High-quality disc brakes (120 mm on the front wheel and 140 mm on the rear wheel) ensure that you can brake safely and controlled in every situation. Beyond that, THE-URBAN #HMBRG cuts a fine figure: With a telescopic steering rod and foldable at the ends of the handlebar, and a weight of only 17 kg the e-scooter can be easily transported and stowed away.

THE-URBAN is splash-resistant.

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Professional Refurbishment

Like all rhyde scooters, this Xiaomi scooter model is professionally refurbished by specialists and then quality inspected by a rhyde employee to ensure it drives, feels, and looks as good as new!

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Dimensions (Upright)

Approx. 1150cm *550mm * 920-1120mm

Dimensions (Folded)

Approx. 1050mm * 185mm * 380mm




Disc Brakes front & rear

Top Speed

25 km/h

Max Power



17 kg


36v, 10.4 Ah

Max load


Our number one priority is to ensure rhyders never have to compromise on quality when using one of our refurbished products. That is why we offer both a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full 6-month warranty on all our products (we call this the rhyde certification).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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