Seller T&C

General Terms andConditions

Please read these terms carefully before selling Your electric scooter to rhyde. By selling Your Scooter, You agree to rhyde’sterms and agree that rhyde may, at its sole discretion, accept or rejectthe sale.

1. Acceptance of theTerms and Conditions

By filling in the form and agreeing to rhyde’s Terms and Conditions, You are confirming that:

  • You are a private individual residing in Spain

  • You are the owner of the Vehicle(s) and have the full right tosell and profit from them 

  • You are over the required legal age to sell and profit from theVehicle(s) You attempt to sell to If You are under therequired legal age, You have obtained Your parent’s or guardian’s consentto sell Your Vehicle(s) to rhydefor the sum estimated on our website;

  • You are legally capable of entering into a binding contract;

  • You confirm the legitimacy of Your Bank Information. You must bearin mind that You are solely responsible and liable for any mistakesregarding the Bank Information You have provided to rhyde.

  • You give rhyde fullrights to investigate the Vehicle(s) for any missing parts and or damage.This may require rhyde tophysically open the Vehicle(s).

2. Terms of sale

  • Sales orders are valid for a maximum of 30 days from the date ofsubmission. After that time, rhydehas the right to update the price in accordance with the current marketprice changes.

  • Once rhyde has receivedYour Package and after Payment has been made to You, the ownership of theScooter is immediately transferred to rhyde

  • You can cancel the sale at any time at no additional cost up to23:59 of the working day prior to the pick-up date You indicated on thesell form. If you cancel the pick-up at any point after this time, Youwill be financially responsible for the associated transport, handling,and shipping costs (Transport Costs):

    • In the scenario that You are financially liable for the TransportCosts as outlined in the previous bullet point, rhyde has the right to claim the funds from You and takefurther legal action if the situation so requires, should the amount benot transferred to rhyde’saccount within 10 working days .

  • By accepting these terms, You accept the sole responsibility forpackaging the Scooter in an appropriate box with appropriate padding andsealing to avoid any transportation-related damage to the Vehicle; rhydebears no responsibility for any damage, third-party liability, loss, ortheft of the Vehicle caused at any time prior to the Scooter beingreceived at rhyde’s facilities.

  • rhyde does not take any responsibility for accessories or packaging includedin the parcel. rhyde will reuse,recycle, or discard them as appropriate and these goods are not recoverable.

  • In case there is any issue with the delivery of the Package, rhyde has the option to initiate aninvestigation on Your behalf directly with the respective shipping companyand provide You with further information afterwards.

  • rhyde will pay the price estimate provided if the Scooter is in thecondition You have stated. If the investigation conducted by rhyde afterreceiving the Vehicle finds any discrepancies between Your answers and theVehicle’s state, rhyde must justify to You a change in the priceestimate, whether this be higher or lower.

  • In case the payment is smaller than theprice estimate, rhyde will send You aconfirmation email for Your approval with the new price. If You do notagree to sell the Scooter at this price, you can ask a return of theScooter for free.

    • You have 30 calendar days to respond to rhyde’s confirmation email. After that time, the rights ofownership of the Scooter will transfer automatically to RHYDE.CO S.L. 

    • If the Package is not picked up after it has been shipped back toYou, and it is returned to rhyde’sFacilities, You are responsible for covering the shipping costs if Youask for the parcel to be shipped back to You again.

  • After a Payment has been made, You have released Your rights toclaim for any returns or reimbursement. You must bear in mind that You aresolely responsible and liable for any mistakes regarding the BankInformation You have provided.

  • By accepting the aforementioned clause, rhyde reserves the right to charge any bank investigation feesshould You ask for further verification of transactions made to Youraccount. Fees must be transferred to rhyde’sbank account before rhydeproceeds with any investigation-related procedures.

3. Condition of theScooter

  • The paid price for the Scooter is based on the Scooter’s model, previoususe, and physical and electrical condition.

  • rhyde tests all the Scooters delivered to it through a proprietaryprocedure, including the Vehicle’s external condition, electricalcomponents, firmware and software, brakes, motor, and battery.

  • rhyde does not buy stolen Scooters. In case rhyde suspectsa scooter is has purchased may have been stolen, or the seller hasindicated any suspicious behavior, rhyde reserves the right toindependently undertake any necessary legal action, including making apolice report against the Seller.

4. Payment

  • You must fill in all the required details in the online sales formfor rhyde to make the Paymentwithin the promised time frame.

  • rhyde aims to process the Payment within 2 days after the Scooter hasarrived at rhyde’s Facilities.However, rhyde’s checkingprocess may be affected by unexpected circumstances which may delay theprocess up to 10 business days.

  • Once the payment has been forwarded, the seller has released theirrights to pursue any claims regarding the ownership of the vehicle. Anyrefunds or further compensation need to be addressed by contacting rhyde’s Customer Service. Note thatrhyde holds the right to declinerefunds or compensation claims afterwards.

  • You must promptly inform rhyde’sCustomer Service of any irregularities regarding the Payment:

    • Should rhyde mistakenlypay You more than agreed, You must pay back the difference from theoriginal amount within 7 days after the Payment was made.

    • rhyde has the right to claim the overpaid funds and take further legalaction if the situation so requires, should the amount be not transferredback to rhyde’s account in theagreed timeframe.

5. Contact

You have the right to contact rhyde at any time should there be any issues regarding theAgreement between You and rhyde.