Bongo Serie A Connected Review - The price-quality king.

Bongo Serie A Connected Review - The price-quality king.


Bongo Serie A Connected Review - The price-quality king.

Christmas is around the corner and if yoúre thinking of treating a loved one or yourself to an electric scooter, let us humbly put forth the option of the Bongo Serie A Connected. Rarely heard of outside of Spain, but a version of one of the most popular models availability in it, the Bongo is the price-quality king. Need to know more? Read ahead. 


The Bongo Serie A Connected, the mobile-app enabled cousin of the very popular Serie A comes packed with power, punch and pure pizazz. Let’s walk you through some of the features of this mean, green, sustainable machine. 


1. Connect


Connect via Bluetooth from your smartphone and download the completely free app to connect with the Bongo Series A, it’ll give you access to vehicle information and the ability to make different adjustments.


2. Climb


Hate slowing down uphill? No longer a problem. With a maximum power output of 700W, it is capable of climbing steep slopes unlike any other scooter in it's price range. It also has a nominal power of 350W.


3. Range Plus


The Bongo Series A Connected packs a respectable 25km range.  But also, in all cecotec electric scooters you have the option of exchanging the batteries. That is, if you have to travel more than 25 km, you have the option of carrying another charged battery and when the first one is finished, change it for the one you have charged. It’s genius. 


It is a way to increase the autonomy of the electric scooter, which already has a lot of autonomy.


4. Choose


You have three driving modes that you can choose especially at the beginning to adapt to driving the electric scooter.


Eco mode; it's a smooth ride, where the battery lasts longer.

Comfort mode; with a medium and constant speed, so you can save battery but at a higher speed

Sport mode; with maximum power reaching maximum speed

If you want to optimize the battery of your electric scooter to the maximum, choose the Cruising Speed, so you can advance as much as possible with the same battery.


5. Speeeeeed


The Bongo will take you 25km/h to wherever you need to go. You’re going to want a helmet.


6. Safety


You will be informed at all times thanks to its on-board computer, with an LED screen that informs you of the speed and range you have left, as well as if there is a possible failure in the engine. Also, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, you will also be able to find out through the app.


Take care of your safety, it has a triple braking system, so that driving safety increases, with disc brake, electric and the rear manual.


It is safe to go out at night, thanks to its LED lights, both front and rear and the brake light. It also has a bell to communicate if necessary, both with pedestrians and with other drivers.


7. Easy


 For greater comfort, the Bongo Series A Connected is completely foldable and also with a very fast and simple mechanism. When we say completely foldable, it is because even the grips of the scooter fold to reduce surface area as much as possible.


Sounds good, right? It gets better. We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year at rhyde and we’re offering this beast of a scooter for a discounted price of only €229,00. 


What are you waiting for? Order today!


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