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Refurbishment differences

What can you expect from each condition?

At Rhyde, we refurbish every vehicle we sell to their best possible condition. Even so, sometimes vehicles can have signs of use that are impossible to hide.

Our vehicles work like brand new, but we categorize their aesthetic quality into three different conditions. We describe those conditions below.

mecanico arreglando patinete
  • Step 1


    Frame Condition Inspection:

    This process takes around 30 minutes approximately.
    1. Examine Exterior:
      • Inspect frame for damage, wear, loose panels.
      • Check handlebars and controls.
    2. Mechanics Inspection:
      • Check wheels, tires, suspension, folding mechanism.
    3. Motor and Battery Inspection:
      • Examine battery, motor, and controls.
      • Test motor for smooth acceleration.
    4. Brakes and Safety Inspection:
      • Test brakes, lights, cables, wiring.
      • Conduct a short test ride and document findings.
  • Step 2

    Spare Parts order

    1. Identify Needed Spare Parts:

    After diagnosing scooter issues and identifying required parts.

    2. Opt for OEM Parts:

    Prefer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts when possible. Consult scooter manual or manufacturer's website for OEM parts.

    3. Find Reliable Suppliers:

    Seek specialized electric scooter spare part suppliers using various methods.

    4. Request Warranty Info:

    Inquire about part warranties. OEM parts may have varying warranties.

    5. Compare Prices:

    Obtain quotes from multiple suppliers to ensure competitive prices.

    6. Order Spare Parts:

    Select a supplier with original, new, warranted parts, and place the order.

    7. Inspect Received Parts:

    Carefully check received parts for accuracy and damage during transit.

    8. Maintain Records:

    Keep detailed records of parts purchased, including supplier info, part numbers, dates, warranties, and receipts.

    9. Test the Parts:

    Prior to installation, test each part, especially critical components like the battery, motor, and brakes, to ensure proper function.

  • Step 3


    1. Safety Check:

    Ensure all safety measures are in place.

    2. Disassembly:

    Carefully disassemble the electric scooter. Track all components during disassembly.

    3. Cleaning and Maintenance:

    Clean and inspect all scooter components, including the frame, deck, and mechanical parts.

    4. Part Replacement:

    Replace identified faulty or worn parts with new, high-quality spare parts.

    5. Electrical Components:

    Inspect and replace electrical components like the battery, controller, wiring, and connectors if necessary.

    6. Lubrication and Adjustments:

    Make necessary adjustments to ensure the scooter operates smoothly.

    7. Brake Inspection and Adjustment:

    Inspect the brakes, including pads, discs, and calipers. Adjust brake tension and alignment for safe braking.

    8. Safety Testing:

    Perform safety tests to ensure all scooter components function correctly, including lights, horn, and safety features like the kill switch.

    9. Battery Charging:

    Charge the battery to full capacity and ensure it charges and discharges properly. Monitor the battery for any irregularities.

    10. Test Ride:

    Take the refurbished scooter for a test ride to evaluate overall performance. Ensure perfect function.

    11. Quality Control:

    Conduct a final quality control check to confirm all parts are correctly installed.

    12. Cosmetic Improvements:

    Address cosmetic issues, such as cleaning the scooter's exterior and polishing to enhance its appearance.

    13. Documentation:

    Maintain detailed records of the refurbishment process.

  • Step 4

    Final inspection & Packing

    Final Inspection:

    1. Quality Control Check: Ensure all refurbishment steps are completed successfully, and replacement parts function correctly.
    2. Safety Testing: Verify scooter safety standards, including brakes, lights, and unusual vibrations.
    3. Cosmetic Inspection: Examine exterior for imperfections and enhance appearance.
    4. Condition Classification: Classify as "Like New," "Very Good," or "Good" based on cosmetic inspection.
    5. Documentation Review: Review all refurbishment-related documentation.
    6. Battery Check: Ensure a fully charged and functioning battery.
    7. Test Ride: Validate overall scooter performance.

    Packing the Scooter for Shipping:

    1. Prepare a Sturdy Box: Select an appropriately sized, sturdy corrugated cardboard box.
    2. Protective Padding: Line the box bottom with corrugated paper or bubble wrap for cushioning.
    3. Secure the Scooter: Position the scooter securely inside the box with padding to prevent movement during transit.
    4. Seal the Box: Close and seal the box securely with packaging tape.
    5. Labeling: Label the box as "Fragile" and attach the shipping label.

Like New - Electric Scooters

Like New scooters are e-scooters that very similar to brand new scooters. This could happen with scooters that had almost all of their parts replaced or with scooters that had very little usage.
In this products you shouldn't be able to find marks that exceed the 20cm length.

  • rueda xiaomi trasera perfecto estado
  • Mastil xiaomi perfecto estado
  • Rueda delantera Xiaomi perfecto estado
  • Base patinete xiaomi perfecto estado

Very Good - Electric Scooters

Very Good electronic scooters are scooters that can have marks of up to 1m long, but would never have scratches of more than 2cm. Although these conditions usually come from common usage, the scooter's functionality will be perfect.

  • Rueda Muy bien patinete electrico
  • mastil con pequena marca patinete electrico
  • Rueda delantera patinete con marcas
  • Base con pequenas marcas patinete electrico

Good - Electric Scooters

In good condition products can have big scratches and marks, maybe some chipped paint as well; but as all rhyde products, its functionality should be as good as new.

  • Rueda trasera bastante marcada xiaomi patinete
  • Mastil con marcas varias patinete electrico
  • Rueda con marcas varias patinete electrico
  • Base de patinete con marcas varias

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Quality and Assurance, No Matter the Condition

Explore Our Scooter Conditions

Here we demystify the various states of our electric scooters. At Rhyde, we believe that no matter which condition you choose, you're guaranteed a quality ride that performs as good as new.

Like New Condition:

Discover our "Like New" scooters, which closely resemble brand-new models. These scooters are either fitted with mostly new parts or have seen minimal usage.

Very Good Condition:

Opt for our "Very Good" electronic scooters if you seek a balance of affordability and excellence. While these scooters may exhibit marks of up to 1m in length, scratches never exceed 2cm. Despite common usage signs, rest assured that these scooters perform impeccably, offering reliability and functionality.

Good Condition:

For budget-conscious riders, our "Good" condition products provide a practical choice. These scooters may display noticeable scratches, marks, or even chipped paint. However, in line with Rhyde's commitment to quality, their functionality remains on par with brand-new scooters.

Warranty and Trial Period:

No matter which condition you select, all our scooters come with a generous one-year warranty. We stand by the quality of our products, and this warranty ensures your peace of mind.

Additionally, we offer a hassle-free 14-day trial period. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your scooter purchase, you can return it within 14 days, no questions asked.

At Rhyde, we're committed to offering transparency and flexibility in your scooter choices. Explore our range of conditions, find the perfect fit for your needs, and embark on a journey of eco-friendly and affordable micromobility.